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Giving and Receiving Feedback-Get REALLY Good at it!

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Rebecca Rose

Start Date
October 15, 2020


For veterinary team members, giving and receiving feedback can be a tough row to hoe. Attendees will learn 5 valuable tips in giving and receiving feedback to include feeling unfairly criticized. Feedback is simply information, it is how we perceive it that makes all the difference in the world. It can be a delicate dance of determining what we heard and what was actually meant.

When is it?

Note: This webinar is being recorded. If you are unable to attend the live lecture, a link to the recording will be shared with you a few days following the lecture.


Rebecca Rose


You will see Rebecca Rose, CVT brings everything she has to the table! She is passionate about supporting veterinary professionals in creating and maintain a healthy, sustainable life and career. Her enthusiasm for the veterinary profession and life is infectious! Rebecca graduated from Colorado Mountain College in 1987 with a degree in veterinary technology. She is the president of CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches, LLC. Her experience as a credentialed veterinary technician, practice manager, leader, industry representative, author and international facilitator enables her to shine as a career coach and mentor for others in the field.

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