Help for Australia - Vet Education

It’s heartbreaking to see the raging bushfires across Australia and its devastating impact on nature and over half a billion animals.

On behalf of all of us here at Vet Education, we have decided to donate a whole bunch of medical supplies worth AUD 5,000 to help the wild animals that have been burnt in the bushfires.

In addition, we are organizing a working bee to make little pouches for orphaned wallabies, kangaroos, Koala, possums, and bats. We have around 25 awesome friends joining us to help in cutting and sewing the fabric as per the templates.

We want to thank all the ground volunteers for showing strength and courage to help the wildlife and people stuck in this bushfire. You guys are the true champions!

Let’s hope these disastrous bushfires come to an end soon – for the sake of the plants, the animals and the people who inhabit this beautiful country we call home.

Update: Our first shipment is on its way!

Our first shipment of medical supplies heading off to wildlife carers in New South Wales areas affected by the bushfires today. Huge thank you to Maddy Nastasi from Lyppard Australia (North Queensland) for your help in getting this shipment ready!