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Vet Education Webinars

Internships: Pros and Cons

Internships, Weighing the Benefits Against the Financial, Mental, and Time Costs
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Dr. Emily Tincher

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October 30, 2019


Your first job after graduation will have lasting impact on your medical growth, team communication skills, and work-life integration habits. Internships aren’t for everyone. How do you know if completing one is right for you? Join Dr. Emily M. Tincher, a small animal emergency veterinarian, for a discussion of the pros and cons for completion of an internship financially, mentally, and their utility as a stepping stone in your career.


  1. Utilize data collected by the AVMA to consider the financial implications of completing an internship
  2. Discuss various career paths in veterinary medicine and when an internship could accelerate learning and career trajectory
  3. Consider the factors which will help match a senior veterinary student to the best fit for a host university or private practice once an internship is elected
  4. Explore alternatives to traditional internships for certain career paths including accelerated training programs, structured mentorship programs, and utilization of online training

When is it?

Note: This webinar is being recorded. If you are unable to attend the live lecture, a link to the recording will be shared with you a few days following the lecture.


Emily Tincher


Emily M. Tincher (Auburn '16, Kentucky '12) is a second-generation veterinarian focused on developing the leadership and communications skills necessary to best serve pets and their owners. She completed an emergency-focused a rotating internship at a private practice in Kentucky. After this, she moved to Philadelphia where she is an emergency doctor in a specialty referral hospital, Hope Veterinary Specialists. She is a National Adviser for the Veterinary Business Management Association and proud National VBMA Board alumna ('15). Emily believes that relationship building and helping others to be their best professional self through servant leadership can ignite true change in the veterinary profession. She continues to find avenues such as the AVMA Early Career Development Committee and the Veterinary Leadership Institute to promote this positive change. Over the last three years, she has lectured and facilitated at numerous national conventions in the professional development track. Outside of veterinary medicine, Emily enjoys all University of Kentucky sports, competing her horse in the sport of Eventing, and spending time with her husband and two perfect dogs.

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