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OVC 2024 - A Blast from the Past

Featuring 2 of our Favorite Speakers!

Enucleation: Why does this “simple” surgery often seem more complicated than the textbooks make it out to be?

Dr Elizabeth Giuliano

Many practitioners, particularly new veterinary graduates, often do not feel comfortable removing a blind, painful eye that warrants enucleation. Surgeons are made more uncomfortable when performing an enucleation in a ruptured globe. This lecture will provide an overview of a subconjunctival enucleation (and why Dr. Giuliano prefers this approach over the transpalpebral method in her small animal patients), Further, this lecture will provide some useful tips to making this common procedure a more comfortable experience for both patient and veterinarian alike. Questions and discussion will be encouraged!

Improve Your Interpretation of Radiographic Pulmonary Patterns in the Cat

Dr Lorrie Gaschen

This session will review how to diagnose air space, air way (bronchocentric), interstitial and complex pattern of the feline lung. A discussion of acquired allergic, infectious vs. neoplastic diseases will be demonstrated with case examples. Emphasis will be on how to create a plan of action based on the lung abnormalities and best arrive at a diagnosis using numerous case examples.

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