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Pawsitivity Distance Challenge

Thank you to all the pawsome participants who embraced the spirit of the Pawsitivity Distance Challenge! The challenge has now concluded, and we are no longer accepting new entries. Stay tuned, as we will soon update the final scores on the leaderboard and announce the winners!


Exciting prizes await for the top 3 participants!

Name Distance Bonus Points Total Points
Belinda Gotley 97.32 170 267.32
Linda Pinches 141.93 105 246.93
Claire 193.34 45 238.34
Philip Judge 139.42 75 214.42
Carlotta Taylor 106.8 70 176.8
Sarah 103.84 60 163.84
Alinta 75.81 35 110.81
Hannah Pettit 50.5 50 100.5
Caitlin Menzies 35.09 15 50.09
Chelsea Russell 24.6 25 49.6
Rosalie 48.47 0 48.47
Kara Mcmahon 28.37 15 43.37
Zoe 39.39 0 39.39
Samantha 33.1 5 38.1
Kara Turner 33.52 0 33.52
Mackenzie Pearce 22.36 10 32.36
Kirsty Mclintock 29.82 0 29.82
Marina 12.24 15 27.24
Morgan Grogan 11.52 10 21.52
Desiree Fowler 9.93 10 19.93
Hannah 8 10 18
Tracy Zessin 7.41 5 12.41
Juliette 5.54 5 10.54
Charisma Judge 5.26 5 10.26
Fiona Le Surf 4.93 5 9.93
Chelsea Reid 4.42 5 9.42
Laurie Box 2.4 5 7.4
Christine Eck 0 5 5
Marion Brown 0 5 5
Sarah W 0 5 5
Amanda Cushing 3.92 0 3.92
Aimee Burzec 2.92 0 2.92

📸 Pawsitive Vibes in Action

Witness the spirit of our paw-some participants as they embrace the Pawsitivity Distance Challenge with heartwarming selfies. Check out the gallery to see the furry friends and determined faces behind this incredible journey!

Please note: Only entries of participants who have registered for the Pawsitivity Distance Challenge will be considered as valid entries. If you haven’t registered yet, please sign up here before submitting your entries above.


By participating in the distance challenge organized by Vet Education, all participants acknowledge that they are voluntarily engaging in physical activity and assume full responsibility for their own health and safety during the course of the challenge. Participants understand and agree that Vet Education and its organizers, sponsors, and affiliates shall not be held liable for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred during or as a result of their participation in the challenge. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to ensure that they are in good health, physically fit, and able to participate in the challenge activities. Participants are advised to consult with a medical professional before undertaking any physical activities and to exercise caution while running or engaging in any related exercises. By signing up for the challenge, participants acknowledge and accept these terms and release Vet Education from any liability associated with their participation in the distance challenge. Please note that cycling is not eligible or considered a valid entry for this particular challenge. By signing up, participants agree and consent to Vet Education’s use of their data on website and promotional channels for the purpose of acknowledging their participation and featuring their accomplishments in the challenge. Participants also agree to adhere to all rules and guidelines set forth by Vet Education.