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Book Review - Veterinary Nursing Care Plans:
Theory and Practice

Episode Introduction

Book Title: Veterinary Nursing Care Plans: Theory and Practice
Author: Helen Ballantyne 
Publisher: CRC Press, ISBN 978-1-4987-7866

Veterinary Nursing Care Plans: Theory and Practice is designed to inform the reader of both the theory and practice of care planning in veterinary nursing. The author is a well-respected veterinary and human nurse – holding a degree in pharmacology, and both veterinary and human nursing qualifications. 

Veterinary nursing care plans are still in their relative infancy in terms of development, when compared to those in human healthcare, making this book a useful resource in highlighting the benefits of patient-centered planning and care

The book is organized into three sections titled “What are nursing plans”; “Why should nursing plans be used in practice”; and “How to use nursing care plans in practice” – with each section containing several chapters designed to organize the text.

Each chapter commences with a useful set of learning objectives that set the tone for what the reader will encounter; and concludes with a short, point-form review of the chapter contents, some additional thoughts by the author, for reflection, and a reference list, followed by a “further reading” list for those interested in expanding their perspective on the chapter contents. These features make the book very easy to navigate in both short-form reading, and long-form, investigative reading. Additionally, they bring the largely descriptive (and very interesting) text into focus for the reader, which enhances the overall reading experience.

Of particular note throughout the text, is reference to significant historical theory and practice of nursing care, both in human and veterinary fields, which places the current development of nursing care plans for the veterinary nursing profession within its global and historical context and highlights the evolution of current nursing practice.

The book is illustrated throughout with a number of charts, diagrams and tables that serve to highlight key points in the chapter narrative. 

Nursing care plans are now becoming well-established within the veterinary profession, and are being taught within the syllabus of many veterinary nursing training centres. In human nursing, their use is well-documented in improving the standard of patient care. This book provides an easy-to-read outline of how to develop a nursing care plan for veterinary patients and is recommended reading for anyone wanting to enhance both their veterinary nursing skills – and the documentation of those skills.

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