Episode #16

Felpreva with Dr Sooan Choi (Vetoquinol)

About this Episode

In this episode of Vet Synapse, we talk to Dr Sooan Choi, from Vetoquinol, about a ground-breaking new parasite treatment designed specifically for cats, called “Felpreva”. This new treatment not only provides all-in-one parasite cover for cats, but also claims the longest-lasting flea and paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) protection available for cats in a single spot-on formulation.

Your Host

Picture of Dr Philip Judge

Dr Philip Judge

BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Stud MACVSc (VECC; Medicine of Dogs)

Guest Speaker

Picture of Dr Sooan Choi

Dr Sooan Choi

BVSc. BSc. (Vet)(Hons) MBA

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