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Why Telling Your Team What To Do Is Bad For Your Business

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3 Easy Ways To Change Your Leadership Approach For Instant Results

  1. Walking your talk (or, eating your own dog food)
    “The world is changed by your example not your opinions” is true for anyone who is leader in any shape or form. Whether you’re a parent, teach, business owner or organizational leader, people always learn more from what you do rather than what you say. We’ll talk about how relevant this is to your team’s performance and ways in which you can “walk your talk” more effectively.
  2. Asking questions is where your influence is at its best
    “Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers”. Telling people what to do often seems like a quick way to get instant results. Rather, it’s the fastest way to impede growth, dampen enthusiasm and limit innovation, all of which ultimately interferes with the success of your business. Asking (the right) questions – is the key to empowering, getting your staff to respond more proactively to their circumstances and overcome challenges more easily. Simply, people respond way better to questions than to instruction.
  3. The impact of really listening
    “One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention”. Some people are naturally good at listening, while the rest of us need to develop the skill a little more consciously. Learn some easy ways to improve your listening talent to be able to hear more of what’s really being said, give more attention to the speaker and hence generate better engagement, commitment and accountability.
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Gill Baronetti

In 2014, Gill certified as an Agile Coach and has since witnessed many turnarounds of teams who have achieved better productivity and performance in their new way of working. Currently, Gill serves her clients in the delivery of training courses, team & leadership coaching & mentoring and team development - in both Agile and non-Agile environments. She gets great satisfaction from designing and leading programmes for organisations in conflict management, coaching skills for managers, stakeholder engagement and leadership development.

Paul Jensen

Paul Ashley Jensen is described by those who know him well as the People person. Paul is a father and a serial entrepreneur who has been helping leaders build winning teams on four continents for over a decade. He believes that team performance is one of the few remaining untapped competitive advantages available to you and your organisation. He has over a decade of success in helping organisations in diverse environments create the culture to help their teams take their performance to the next level.


Thank you so much for the help and for the amazing course! I will definitely be completing further courses through Vet Education as I am finding both the webinars and the reading materials extremely informative.



Thank you so much for this amazing course. I’ve found the webinars extremely helpful and I feel much more confident with my fluid therapy in our patients.

Hannah W

New Zealand

I think this is the best cpd course I’ve ever been on – certainly the most useful!

Alannah B


Thank you so much for creating VET EDUCATION. It’s a high quality, accessible, clinically relevant and affordable portal for the distribution of ongoing professional development.



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